Surveying and mapping is a known science since Ancient Egypt.Surveying fulfills important needs in various fields, such as civil engineering, construction, architecture, transport, communications, mapping anddetermine property boundaries. It is an important tool for research in many other scientific disciplines.Surveyors use equipment like total stations, robotic total stations, GPS receivers, 3D scanners, handheld tablets, digital levels, subsurface locators, drones, GIS and other surveying software. It is obviously needs to use precise survey equipment to get quality field data.

BCTL is committed to providing the quality product of geospatial solutions as the user needs. We offer state of the art equipment and software such as GNSS Solutions,Total Stations, Theodolites, Levels, 3D Scanners, Controllers and related accessories includingfield software and office software. We deployed ahighly skilled professionalsteamto guide our clients for best choice of solution in the field of Surveying & Mapping and to provide after sales support & services. We utilize our experience in the industry to provide technologies that add a competitive advantage for our customers.Our services are always performed in an efficient and professional manner, always respecting our clients’ time and resources.

GNSS Receiver

Used for Static, Rapid Static, Real Time Kinematic (RTK), DGPS andmany more GNSS field survey.

GIS& Mobile GNSS System

Android Handheld GNSS RTK Receiver is used for quickly collecting GIS/GNSS data with higher accuracy.

GNSSReceiver for Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS)

Used for collecting data as GNSS RTK reference station as well as measuring and monitoring the movement of the continent and many more scientific purposes.

GNSSChock Ring Antenna

Used at GNSS CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station) to get quality GNSSdata by reducing multipath effect.


Used to store and manage GNSS data over time. Can be used as handheld GNSS receiver.

Robotic Total Station

Motorized Total Station built in automatic prism recognition and positioning technology. Usedfor classic jobs for survey and stakeout. Perfect for high precision surveying areas, such as rail traffic monitoring, control of structures, bridges, dams and landslide areas.

Total Station

Electronic instrument with endless friction drives. Used for measuring angle, distance and 3D coordinates (XYZ) with higher accuracy.  Best suits for land survey, construction and road survey.

Electronic Theodolite

Precision optical instrument used for measuring angles between designated visible points in the horizontal and vertical planes.

Digital Auto Level

Electronic instrument used for precise leveling by means of measuring and record height differences.

Optical Auto Level

Precision optical instrument used for measure and record height differences.