Field Services

Onsite Support

Whenever local onsite support is needed, our trained professionals are available to assist from a wide variety of issues including:

  • Computers & Kiosk Stations
  • Peripheral Equipment & Point of Sale Terminals
  • Routers & Switches
  • Phone Systems

Let our team worry about training and keeping up to date with the latest technological advances.


Assess and manage local servers to ensure optimum performance for business continuity and growth.

Our team will monitor and support your local server infrastructure whether physical or virtual servers. As well as perform patch management, data integrity checks, security monitoring, and perform server maintenance as needed to optimize equipment and ultimately minimize costs.


Assessment, audits, maintenance, and upgrades to ensure optimal performance.
Our team can conduct audits and assessments to ensure that your network infrastructure is performing optimally and secured from any vulnerabilities. Letting us continually maintain and manage your network will reduce your costs and risks while increasing efficiency throughout your local office.


Assess & manage local IT infrastructure to maximize efficiency.
Our team will monitor and support local workstations, from deploying anti-virus software to scheduling computer maintenance outside of business hours to minimize disruptions. Additionally, we can continually scan your systems to detect, diagnose, resolve any incidents that occur on each monitored workstation, and performing nightly backups of crucial terminals.

Additional Managed Services

Managing and maintaining your local infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.
• Managed backups
• Managed endpoint protection
• Managed mobile devices
• Managed network