Topographic Maps are essential instruments for a variety of monitoring and planning activities. At SATPALDA Mapping projects in support of planning, engineering, and design are implemented and completed by our photogrammetric professionals. Various data sources are utilized in for generation of mapping products that include contour, planimetric and cultural CAD and GIS files, digital terrain models (DTMs) and other feature which are of interest to the customer. Our team has extensive knowledge of the application of advanced spectral processing to extract features and information for use in spatially-referenced business systems. Advanced spectral analysis enables the identification of subtle differences in landcover using a range of indices and functions. These discriminators enable the skilled operator to generate classes of landcover or vegetation that reflect the complexity of the spectral characteristics in an image source. As image suppliers make more detailed spectral bands available through new satellites, such as WorldView-2 from DigitalGlobe, the ability to refine or improve classification of landcover increases.