Bridge Computer Technologies (BCT) is established in 2000 with a sincere commitment for proving the best ICT solutions in Bangladesh. Since then BCT has been putting its maximum efforts  and successfully explored as an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) solution provider with diversified products, solutions & services for both Corporate and Government sectors.

To achieve such goal and strengthen its business forecast widely, Bridge Computer Technologies is registered in Joint Stock Companies in Bangladesh a Private Company Limited by Shares as BCTL in 2020

BCTL is sincerely committed to provide ICT enable services based on extensive products knowledge, deep understanding of the customer needs, and the ability to best exploit the available technologies at most affordable prices. We are always keen to introduce top-of-the-line technology, solutions and products with innovative ideas and cutting edge technologies. To ensure best  customer care and wide technology options, Bridge Computer Technologies Ltd offers wide range of IT products and services.

Our key strength is to combine the intellectual, organizational, analytical and creative powers of its team to provide solutions to clients, and thus further enhance its skill base and expertise. We believe in best practices of developing business relationship, provide comprehensive and sustainable technological solutions and customer support through our talented and experienced professionals who are familiar with all the available platforms and latest technologies.

BCTL never believes in box pushing business. Rather, it practices relationship marketing. Itscustomer support and system development team is made up of talented and experienced professionals who are familiar with all the available platforms and latest technologies. With all their expertise and sincerity, these people are always ready to serve our customers at the earliest.

Our in-house engineers, programmers and data processing experts cater to almost all kinds of requirements of our customers. Better customer care, sincerity, and on-demand service have made BCT a reliable name in ICT solutions and services in Bangladesh. We are always committed to maintain this goodwill and provide even better services to our clients.

Our Objectives

BCTL facilitates its clients with maximum value addition to:

  • Promote effective transfer of technology through dissemination and exchange of technical knowledge with support from international business partners.
  • Consult expertise in procurement and supply to the clients according to assessed need.
  • Initiate research to find out cost effective solutions to the clients and adopt appropriate technology for innovations contributing to better life and living conditions of the people.
  • Impart training to raise professional knowledge, skill and improve the competencies of personnel working in industrial, commercial and service organizations in the public and private sectors.
  • Collaborate with renowned international companies and consultants to bring in latest innovations to the country, and offer cost-effective solutions for Internet and other IT businesses.
  • Build nationwide channel partners network to serve the clients in different parts of the country.
  • Undertake publications for disseminating knowledge and creating awareness among the readers for promoting human resources development, social upliftment and management improvement


BCTL offers hardware & software mostly based in GIS + RS & Surveying field, networking, IT enable services, System Integration solutions and services. In products, BCTL provides various branded hardware, software & surveying instrument like Stonex, Schneider-Digital, SIIS, Satpalda,
Delair, nautikaris, Pix4D, Global Mapper, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft etc.  In services, BCTL offers system design, network design & installation, Geospatial & Georeferenced, automation services, training etc. However, though BCT offers products and services in diverse fields of Information and Communications Technology, and provides common hardware and software solutions to wider client-base,

it concentrates on the following areas:

  • Hardware and Networking Supply and Solutions
  • Imagery Services & Photogrammetry Solutions.
  • Geospatial & Geosystems Supply & Solutions
  • Digitization & Data Archiving Solutions
  • Wide Format Scanner & Printer Supply & Solutions
  • Network Systems Design, Supply & Integration
  •  IT Consulting Services for Office Automation.


From the business point of view, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are divided into various segments like as follows:-

  •  Infrastructure division
  • GIS, RS & Survey division
  • Systems Integration division
  • Communication division

Considering the business opportunity, BCT has targeted the Government sectors for offering its business with them. Since, Govt. Organizations are the biggest buyers to computerize automate their official activities followed by the Government plan. Apart from this, we will do business where we find an opportunity in other sectors.

Currently, BCT has concentrated its business in GIS and Infrastructure division as a priority basis. The Govt. of Bangladesh has already declared to make Digital Bangladesh. In this connection, to establish this vision, Govt. initiated to automate first in Land Sectors led by the Ministry of Land (MoL) for preparing the Certificate of Land Ownership (CLO) and Records of Rights (ROR) and giving huge funds continuously duly backed by the Donor Agencies to implement it the highest priority basis.