Satellite imagery is a source of vast geospatial information. These days we are witnessing more and more global problems being solved with the help of remote sensing data. Many people understand the potential of the new technology but are constrained either by pricing of the tools required to use such data or complexity of the software available to him.  With ScanEx Image Processor® software, which is a unique one in its combination of tools, quality and price, customers can experience a flatter learning curve with interesting and robust tools. ScanEx team keeps itself abreast of all the contemporary developments, therefore taking into account the experience of the world leading software producers when developing the software in subject.

ScanEx Image Processor is a powerful tool with advanced image processing techniques and user friendly interface which helps the user to get the best meaningful information from the satellite data whether it is Pan, Multispectral or SAR.

ScanEx Image Processor® has a modular structure with base software enabling you to perform all major image processing workflows. For advanced specialized tasks there are add-on modules containing powerful and fast processing capability.

Below are the major functions available in the Basic configuration:

  • Import of dozens of different graphical and Earth remote sensing formats, export to popular graphical and conventional formats with the possibility of saving accompanying geolocated files.
  • Raster data visualization and systematic geometrical correction of remote sensing data.
  • Image transformation, ortho-rectification of raster based on ground control points, creation of image mosaics.
  • Loading, creation and editing of vector layers, automatic vectorization.
  • Spatial resolution enhancement, automatic co-registration of rasters.
  • Image atmospheric correction, change detection.
  • Arithmetic operations with raster layers, calculation of thematic products based on MODIS data.
  • Image classification and processing of classification results.
  • Operations with 3D models of the Earth.

ScanEx Image Processor® has following optional Add-on Modules:

  • 3D module of modeling and visualization enables to create 3D models of landscapes and to overlay raster and vector layers; to model different types of objects and record video clips
  • Radar images processing module (SAR module) enables to do segmentation and filtration of radar images, thematic calibration of segmentation results, having algorithms of detecting ships and oil spills on water surfaces
  • Digital elevation modeling (DEM) module enables to build hydrologically correct DEMs based on vector data or stereopairs of scanner imagery
  • Modeling module enables to calculate radiation balance, to do hydrological modeling of floods, freshets and overflows and to assess the dynamics of such processes
  • Software developer kit (SDK) enables to write own scripts, to create user interface for them and to do stereo processing and radiometric correction of images
  • Thematic Pro classification and thematic interpretation module enables to do segmentation of multispectral data, thematic calibration and interpretation of segmentation results

ScanEx Image Processor® supports following sensor models:

  • Cartosat-1
  • Cartosat-2
  • EO1 Ali
  • EO1 Hyperion
  • Envisat ASAR
  • Formosat-2 DIMAP
  • Geoeye-1
  • IKONOS-2
  • JAXA PALSAR Processed Products
  • KOMPSAT Image
  • Quickbird-2 image
  • RapidEye Image
  • TerraSAR-X
  • WorldView-1,2