Assessment of the compliance of measurement to confirm their compliance with the established technical and metrological requirements using the only GNSS signal simulation system in Kazakhstan.
GNSS receivers

The Drill Laboratory

The “Jazaistan zara’ zara’r sapara” verification laboratory was established and accredited for the right to carry out verification of measurement tools in 2015.

The laboratory, in accordance with the accredited area, conducts the following technical means:

  • GNSS receivers (geodesic, one-/multi-system, one-/two-frequency);
  • The comparator is frequency;
  • Atmospheric aerological sensing systems;
  • Complexes of current time measurements with photo-fixing “ParkNet”;

The Laboratory’s equipment meets the requirements of the existing regulatory documents on the metrological support for the verification of navigational measurements and allows to fully simulate in laboratory conditions radiofrequency environment for testing and modeling radio navigation systems, which include receivers and sensors of satellite navigation systems GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO, Beidou and wide-zone additions SBAS.

The basis of the Laboratory’s equipment is a simulation complex, the core of which is the signal simulator of navX-NCS satellite navigation systems with THES Control Center software produced by IFEN GmbH (registration number in the GSI Registry of K.08.01.04564-2013).

This equipment is designed to carry out inspections of navigational measurements, measure errors of navigation parameters, determine the technical capabilities of navigational means of measurement of sea, land, aviation, space, geodesic and other special applications, conduct research of navigation equipment, develop differential amendments to current navigation definitions.