Perform a wide range of work using geodesic tools and method designed to create and provide users with geospatial data.

Topographic and geodesic services

The “National Company” is a modern, actively developing organization providing a wide range of geodesic and topographical services, using modern high-precision attorney-based geodesic equipment. Camera treatment is done using state-of-the-art software.

Our company performs the following types of work/research:

  • Creating topographical plans and performing executive shootings;
  • Project and exploration work
  • Takeaway in the nature of the design points;
  • filming of land holdings, underground and above-ground communications;
  • takeaways in the nature of linear structures (LEP, pipelines);
  • Coordinating the corners of buildings and structures;
  • planned-high binding of space images;
  • Geodesic provision of road-building works;
  • Monitoring the deformation of engineering facilities;
  • Work to determine the parameters of recalculation from one system of coordinates to another;
  • Determining the high-precision coordinates of an object (up to a millimeter);
  • Et al. tasks depending on the needs.