Telecom service providers all over the world are depending on digital Land use (clutter) maps derived from high resolution geodata to improve radio network planning. These maps are used in all of today’s state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) propagation tools to model path loss, signal attenuation and frequency re-use. A system designed with accurate geodata will result in both lower costs for infrastructure and drive testing, as well as more reliable network performance, and ultimately higher customer satisfaction and less churn.

SATPALDA has qualified remote sensing professionals with experiences in different domains. The team has developed several processes and algorithm to semi-automate the process of image classification especially to generate Land-use\Land-cover data. It has the experience in creation of Landuse/Landcover data using various resolutions ranging from 0.5m to as coarse as 250m. The group also provides data in form of digital city models containing information on the height of the buildings and type of land-use\land-cover using single high-resolution images.

Multi-spectral Satellite Image
Classified Clutter data